Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrating Memorial Day

This year our celebration of Memorial Day was different than usual.  We decided to have Tia's graduation party at the same time.  We invited all of Tia's aunts and uncles and their families.  We held it at "The Homestead" (Derek's parent's house) because it was rainy and there would be more room.  The weather did stay nice enough to barbeque outside, which I did.

I liked these things about the day:

1.  I enjoyed barbequeing outside because because the grill kept me warm so I could enjoy the otherwise chilly sunshine that was there at noon.

2.  Everyone was good company and was kind.  Nobody even whined when I forgot all of the vegetables that people like on hamburgers. 

3.  Derek had us all sing one patriotic song America in memory of those who have given their lives and service for our freedom.  He also had us sing another song Families Can be Together Forever in memory of the family members that we love who are no longer with us.  What good singers we have in our family!

4.  Derek talked a little about our good Tia and she opened a present and then she taught us all a dance.  Here are some pictures.

Our traditional cemetery visits were postponed due to weather, time, and energy.  We did get a good idea from Uncle Devin (my kid's uncle).  Devin had been with his kids to the cemeteries in the pouring rain.  He told us that it is his tradition to tell his kids a story about each of the relatives whose graves they visit.  We thought that was such a good idea that yesterday, when we finally paid our visits to the cemeteries, Derek told us some of his memories of his grandparents and his brother, and in the car between cemeteries I told the kids a bit about my grandparents whose graves are too far away for us to visit easily.  The older kids did a great job of listening and being interested, and Jake and Dan enjoyed not paying attention.  We enjoyed both days of celebrating Memorial Day.


LC said...

Looks like you had a great turnout to Tia's graduation party!
Devin's Memorial Day idea is a winner. Thanks for sharing that.

Happy Mom said...

What great ideas for Memorial Day. Fun family time. Also loved your summer events also! That's pretty impressive for one week into summer.

Megz said...

I passed you on your belated cemetery tour. You didn't see me.
Tia's graduation party was very fun.

Marcy said...

That's a great tradition!

TisforTonya said...

I love that idea - being so far from any grave opportunities has made us a little lax in our celebrations - we'll have to implement story time a.s.a.p. - no need to wait 'til next year right :)

stephanie said...

What a great day! I must say there are some really good sports in your family. It sounds like a blast to me but I can't imagine some members of my family dancing about.
I also like the story time idea with visiting the cemeteries.