Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dan's Other Name

Today Dan said, "My name was Gooloo (Gulu?) before I was born, then you called me a different name.  I was Gooloo because I like painting and gluing."

Derek called him Gooloo a couple of times and Dan answered as if that were normal, but an hour later he couldn't remember what his "real" name was and so he's back to being Dan.  I think, one day, he'll be glad we didn't really name him Gooloo.


stephanie said...

Gooloo is an awesome name! I think you messed up not naming him that. Haha!
I am glad he keeps us all entertained.

Marcy said...

That is quite creative! Makes sense if he like to glue though!!

Saimi said...

I love Dan! I think everyone should have a Dan around...or...If I may...a Gooloo!