Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trip to the Cabin

Derek's parents have a cabin which Derek and I and some of our children were able to go stay in for one night on July 8th.  The lowlights were:  The wasp sting on Kayli's forehead that made her eyes swell up for a few days after we were home.  The wasp sting on my hand that wasn't nearly as bad as Kayli's -- but it still can't count as a highlight!  A four wheeler crash into the bushes that left Jake with a bruised chin and leg.
Poor Jake
These were still outweighed by the good things.  Highlights were: A nice four wheeler ride the evening we got there, and getting back to the cabin while it was sprinkling but before it was pouring rain.  Cinnamon rolls.  Some of the family seeing the bat that only makes an appearance when our family is there.  Kayli (15) wanting Dan (4) to sleep beside her so she wouldn't be afraid of the bat.  Beautiful sunshine and scenery that we enjoyed on Saturday as we rode around on the four wheelers.  Derek giving us a tour (again) of the property his parents had when he was young before the cabin was built.  Safe travel home.
Dan, who LOVES four wheelers


LC said...

How come I keep forgetting that we have a cabin??
What summer fun! (except for the stings)

Happy Mom said...

So fun to get away, especially to those spots that remind us of our own childhoods. Sorry about the stings and the accident.