Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation Tour Part 2

Connor (and Bryon on the right) in front of Harry Potter--Times Square 

Trisa at the fountain by Ground Zero

Kayli, Trisa, Bryon (close to ground zero)

William (in red) Jake (in yellow)

Connor, Derek, Jake, Dan, Kayli, Trisa, Diana, Bryon, Tia

Same group, different angle

Dallin, William and Claire

Me belatedly trying to take a picture of ground zero with myself in it:)

The new World Trade Center, 52 of its 104 floors are built.

Connor, Derek and Trisa on the ferry back to Staten Island

NYC from the departing ferry

Someone took my camera and got a picture of me, Tia and the back of Trisa
Things the pictures don't show:

Dan perking up when he found a dirty string on the ground to play with.  He carried it around, and swung it around, and accidentally hit people that I apologized to, and finally put it in my purse.  I thought he had forgotten about it but when we started walking around Boston he pulled it back out and it kept him entertained again.  It was a little gross, but it sure helped him be happier!  He has played with it here at home too.  Maybe I should wash it?

Me getting a tad panicked when I couldn't see Derek and the boys in the crowded Disney store on Times Square when I knew Derek didn't have his phone.  Thankfully they showed up again.  We had stopped there for a bit of a break.

Dan falling asleep on the Subway.

On the way to NJ on Friday Kayli and Trisa hitting one another over and over in the car (violent I know!) while yelling things like "Double A, Split 2, Out of State!"  They were, of course, playing a game.  If they couldn't find something that fit the rules Kayli would make something up and count it -- "BUS!"  I forgot to check for bruises later but their arms still seem to work okay.


LC said...

Who needs cell phones when you've got color coordinated shirts?! I'm sure that made it easier to stay with your group as well as making for pretty pictures.

What a fun place to be!

JoanFromHillsboro said...

oh no! Were you having a grouchy day on vacation? ;)

TisforTonya said...

ahhh... the joys of car games and the resultant bruises - looks like you had a grand adventure!!!

TisforTonya said...

and I was trying to finish my OTHER comment and it took it away... my train of thought is all goofy now... groan...

something along the lines of my amusement at Dan and the string... which yeah, should probably take a bath :)

stephanie said...

I love the color coordinated shirts. That is a big group to keep together.
Hooray for vacations!