Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Tribute

The Story of a Girl and a Boy
(My Parents)

A boy was born in a western town,
Where the LDS church was the main church around.
He had parents who loved him,
And he had siblings too.
He was taught what was right,
He was taught what was true.
He grew up and left home,
On a mission he went,
Knowing his life would change
But, to what extent?

A girl was born in a mining town
There were hills, and trees, and churches around.
She had parents who loved her.
She had siblings too.
She was taught what was right,
She was taught what was true,
To the fullest extent that her parents knew.
But the girl still had questions
Where could answers be found?
And it was about then
That the boy came around.

The girl's family was taught by the boy.
They learned more of truth.
They discovered new joy.
And the man he discovered
By unusual means
That this girl, from this town
Was the girl of his dreams!
So once he went home he wrote letters galore.
He had really strong hopes
He would see her some more!

He sent her a ring, by way of the mail,
And he called on the phone
What a tale he can tell!
Of the girl that he loved
Bravely telling him yes,
And going out with her Father
To buy a new dress.
One fit for a temple that was far away
Where she'd marry the boy
On their own wedding day.

So on September 1st 1961
They were sealed in the temple
Their marriage had begun.
The girl and the boy
Were now to be one.
They would sometimes be happy,
And sometimes be sad.
There would be times that were hard,
And times that were glad.
Through all things they were
Determined to stay
Together to work
Through each challenging day.

They welcomed five children
They taught them with love,
Of their Heavenly Parents
Watching from up above.
They sent two boys on missions
And welcomed them home.
Boys and Girls soon grow up
Leaving parents alone.
But not so alone as they were before.
Because the children got married
And then there were more!

More people to love
More children to hold
More joy for the years
All more precious than gold.
This because two good people,
A girl and a boy
Who valued good family
And worked to have joy
Were sealed in the temple
Making promises there
Then worked hard to keep them
With diligent care.

I wrote this for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party.  Mom and Dad are really good people who have worked hard to be good parents.  I am especially thankful that they taught me about Jesus, and His love for me and all of Heavenly Father's children.  Because of that knowledge my life has been full of hope, joy, love, and peace.  I love my parents and hope they are enjoying their anniversary adventure today.


Marcy said...

What a great story! I never knew that's how your parents met. You're such a talented poet/writer!! I loved it!

LC said...

That was perfectly wonderful Sher!
What a beautiful way to share your parents' story.

Princess E'blouissant said...

Sherie! Thank you! That was complete awesomeness. What a wonderful example of the great good that comes when two people fall in love!

Megz said...

Nice tribute to your parents. I bet they really appreciated it!

stephanie said...

very nice! I bet they loved it.