Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kindergarten Drama

I didn't know that having Dan in Kindergarten would bring more drama into our lives.  We have a cute neighbor girl who is not in Dan's kindergarten class, but who rides the bus with him.  He loves her, or at least he has for the past two weeks.  He kept praying "I'm thankful that I love my Mom and I love Tiffany".  "Her is my best friend", he would say. 

He played at her house after school once and had a great time.  And then there came a time when we invited her to come over here and play while her Mom worked.  She didn't want to because "Dan scratches my head and I don't like it", reported her Mom.  After some discussion we discovered that Dan was "tickling" Tiffany.  He told me that "her likes to be tickled".  I informed him that "her must not because her doesn't want to come over" (I can use my pronouns incorrectly if I try).  He played with somebody else and I tried to convince him to stop tickling her, and anyone else.

He went back to loving her until yesterday when he came howling down the street from the bus.  I thought he must have fallen.  No.  "Tiffany called me a bad word", he said.  After hugs, and telling me again, and telling Tia, he clarified that she had called him "stupid".  This can be a bad word for sure.  It didn't make him feel good anyway.  Today he came home happier and matter of factly informed me that Tiffany had told him that she didn't want to play with him ever again.  I asked, "Why not?".  Dan reported, "She said my singing is annoying.  I told her I'd stop!"

Dan still loves lots of people in his prayers.  He's taken to ranking us all.  "Thankful that I love Jake, he is my favorite.  Thanks that I love Jesus more than anybody else in the whole world because I have to".  Okay so he only said he had to once, since then he just adds it in as if it makes him super righteous just to say it.  Religion is always interesting when heard from Dan!  I think he might be hoping that we will all spoil him extra so that we'll move up in the prayer rankings.  Poor Tiffany might have dropped out of the rankings all together after today.  But, it is likely she'll be back next week!  Things change fast in the life of a Kindergartener.


Megz said...

How funny. Our neighbor boy always is calling Noelle 'her' too. It's very addictive behavior and I'm also saying 'her can't play now!'
Can't imagine anyone not liking Dan's singing!

stephanie said...

oh My! that is funny! I hope 'hers' gets on his good side again.

Michelle said...

Poor Dan. Ava kept having friend trouble so she made an imaginary one. She doesn't fight with him.