Monday, April 16, 2012

Tia Arlene

Tia graduated from high school almost a whole year ago.  Since then she has gotten her cosmotology license, gotten contacts, had another birthday (a little over a week ago), gone on a spring break adventure with her family, and moved off to Cedar City to get a job and have fun adventures with Trisa.

When Tia was here I felt like I hardly ever saw her.  Either I was busy and gone or she was hanging out down in her room.  Still, having her gone makes the house seem a lot more empty.  As Dan was smacking while eating a cinnamon roll this evening I suggested that he do his "magic trick", which was Tia's way of teaching him to eat with his mouth closed.

When Dan was telling me super long stories that I couldn't understand, I was missing Tia who was good at talking to Dan when he gets home from school and asking him questions that would have them both laughing.  I can't even think of what she and Dan said to each other, just that it was fun for me to listen to them.

Tia was good at sitting by her Dad in the evening and laughing with him too.  I'm afraid there won't be enough laughing around here without her.  Kayli is sad to be the only girl at home, not counting Mom.  Connor will miss her too.  I'd better come up with a few funny stories to liven up the evenings!

When we were leaving her at her new apartment with Trisa, Jake started crying.  I think he just wanted to go home, but I knew he'd miss her too so I started crying, and then Kayli started crying.  Trisa and Tia laughed.  Tia said something like, "Oh my gosh you guys!  I'm coming home next weekend!"  Which is true.  It was kind of funny really.  Hopefully Trisa didn't feel bad that we didn't cry when we dropped her off.  I have cried when she's gone back to college after a visit before -- mostly because I feel sorry for me that she's not here anymore -- but I know that it is time for them to have adventures without Mom.  Sigh.

Tia is great.  She usually has a good story to share.  She is fun.  She laughs a lot.  She makes us smile.  We are sure she will be creating smiles wherever she goes, which will help us to be happy too.

I love you Tia!


Saimi said...

Awe I can so relate! How can you not miss such a wonderful girl who can bring a smile and a laugh to the family.

Man I cried when I dropped each boy off at college but what was really ridiculous was my second son was only 40 minutes away. I still bawled like a baby all the way home! HA

LC said...

Such a sweet post.
I would miss tia too.

Happy Mom said...

Oh man. This one tugs at the heart strings. The truest line, "I feel sorry for me that she's not here anymore." Sigh. It's been two years since Steph left, and every night at dinner (especially), it still feels like someone is missing. And the second one leaves in just a couple of months. Who warned us about this in the parenting handbook? I guess I skipped that chapter. :)

Anna said...

I'm trying to be in denial about my children leaving home once they graduate from high school. I love having them home and just being around. I love listening to them from the next room when they are with friends and don't realize I'm listening. I love talking with them. I think you're right: it's the feeling sorry for me, missing them that makes me sad. I know my job is help them learn all they need to to become independent, but boy it's going to be hard to not have them around someday.

The Wonderous Life of Tia said...

Thanks mom, that was nice :) :) I miss everyone alot, I cried on Saturday when I was home alone, but other than that I have a little family of roomates and some awesome people in my complex. I do miss talking to Dan and teaching him things and Jake and connor and Kayli and you and Dad. oh boy now I'll start crying again!!! Anyway thanks mom :) I'll have to call and we'll put it on speaker phone because I don't know how to skype haha Love you!!!

Megz said...

I think the part of having just Tia home with you while everyone else was at school would make it seem like more of an Absence.
So nice that your daughters can room together though.

Marcy said...

That is so exciting for Tia! I think you handle your little birds leaving the nest very well. I'm probably going to fall apart!