Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Dad

These are my nice parents.  Dad is the manly one.

This was last year's 50th anniversary party.

Hopefully he won't shoot me for this.  He came to our recreational property a year or so after it burnt and scouted around with us.  He found some bear tracks!
My Dad had a birthday on Saturday.  We were able to visit them the Sunday and Monday before.  Here are some of the things that I love about my Dad (in no particular order).

*Dad was and is a good missionary.  He helped his companions.  He helped the people he taught.  My Mom and Dad have been missionary companions a couple of times, and they continue to be missionaries when they are at home. 
*Dad is a great gardener and good at sharing the bounty of the harvest.
*My Dad likes learning about the history of places (among other things).  He took us to Promontory Point and he probably knew as much about the history of the trains as the rangers. 
*My Dad is good at directions.  I did not get my ability to walk out of a building and automatically head the wrong direction from him!
*Dad loves the scriptures, and that helped me learn to love them too.  This is a great blessing in my life.
*Dad loves family and adventures and so we often travelled across the country to see family.  Two parents and five kids, in a little car, sometimes staying in a tent.  Wow. What an adventure! We had fun too.
*Dad is talented.  He can sing, carve, paint, play the harmonica, build things, garden, and recognize bear tracks.  He and my Mom both have a talent for being very kind and hospitable to those who are having a hard time.
*My Dad is a hard worker, and he took good care of us.  But it was most important to him that we knew about Jesus, and that we learned to love Him too.
*My Dad loves my Mom.  He treats her well and expects us to do the same.  All Dads should be like that.

Thanks to my Dad for being the best Dad for me.
Happy Birthday!


LC said...

Nice tribute and fun to learn about your dad. Did he entertain you on those camping trips with his harmonica?

Saimi said...

Our dads must be brothers! What a wonderful post about your obviously wonderful dad!!