Monday, October 29, 2012

Trisa's Birthday

On October 18th Trisa turned 22.  Next year she will have been here on earth for half of my life!  Wow!  Time keeps marching forward.  Trisa was in Cedar City on her birthday and so I sent her a package, but I saved the nicest presents for when she came home the next evening so we could watch her open them.  It was so fun to have her and Tia home.  We had a lot of fun with them that evening and we even got to meet three of their friends, which was nice.  I didn't get pictures of the visitors, but here are some pictures of Trisa's birthday celebration.
Trisa, after having re-claimed her Batman hat that she left last time she came to visit.

Trisa opening her present that was not the book she asked for.  Oops!

Kayli was probably trying to steal the Batman hat, or help open the present.  There was a lot of tackling during present opening this time!

Trisa, Connor, Tia, Jake, and Dan.

Derek likes to squeeze our kids really tight and ask them questions so that he can make their voices come out funny.  They sometimes try to squeeze rather tightly in return.  This is a squeeze battle.

This is on Sunday.  We were getting ready to take family pictures, but were practicing with those that were ready.  Kayli is on the left.  Trisa is doing the Superman across Connor, Dan, and Jake.  Trisa is always fun to have around.  All of us love having her at home.
Tia made a pumpkin pie on Trisa's birthday.  That was really nice because Tia doesn't like pumpkin pie.  I heard it got left out during their trip and got rotten.  Ewww!  We didn't make Trisa any treats, but I did send her some. 

Trisa is a beautiful, talented, and generally awesome daughter.  We love her and hope that her birthday was happy, and that this year ahead will be a good one for her.


Saimi said...

Hmmm, 22 you say....Well Sher, my son at BYU-Idaho is 22 soon to be 23 in February...Hmmmm, just saying!

Happy Birthday to your girl!

Marcy said...

Can't believe these girls of ours are so grown up! Happy Birthday to Trisa!!