Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ladies Dan

Dan was drawing a picture of a castle on our little white board today.  He drew a boy on the castle wall who was smiling.  Dan asked me if I knew why the boy was smiling.  When I said no, Dan said, "Because he has two princesses!" 

Lest you think he's a romantic little character, he told his Dad, "Yeah, he (the boy) threw one princess in one tower and one in the other tower!" 

And, so you don't think he's too cruel, he told me that the boy was protecting them.  Maybe they are safest in opposite towers. 

Dan is good for a smile.


Saimi said...

That Dan is wise beyond his years. With the princesses in opposite towers, there's less drama!

Smart boy!!

Marcy said...

That is cute! Love the title, very creative!