Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kayli Marie

Seventeen years and four days ago I had a little dark haired baby girl.  She was precious and beautiful, and we were very happy to welcome her to our family.  She was our third child and we sometimes thought of her as the child that the Lord blessed us with so that we would have more children.  There were not any complications with Kayli, no scary surgeries, or trouble breathing, and just to make it even better, she knew how to sleep!  What a blessing!

She is not dark haired any more, but she is still precious and beautiful, and we are still very happy that she is in our family.  She has grown into a talented, kind, and thoughtful person who is a still a blessing to us.

Here are some pictures of her and her birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday to my Kayli!

Kayli preparing for birthday brownies!

Dan and Kayli.  Dan can't have brownies because of his allergies, and he was sad (after this) because I hadn't made Dan safe chocolate cake too (oops).  Kayli likes people to be happy, especially on her birthday, and so she shared birthday candy, which saved the day.

Make a wish!

I think it will take three or four years for her wish to come true.

Kayli and her birthday loot!

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