Monday, December 3, 2012

The Shepherd's Story

There were shepherds sitting through the night
Watching their sheep in the soft starlight,
When all of a sudden the dark turned bright,
And the poor, humble shepherds quaked with fright.
They fell, with their faces to the ground,
Until they heard a joyful sound.
"Fear not!" said an angel in the midst of light
As his voice rang out in the quiet night.
"For unto you is born this day..."
In a little city not far away,
A Savior, born as a tiny babe.
Creator of all.  Mighty to save.
He is laid in a manger filled with hay,
And we all have cause to rejoice today!
And the shepherds, strong men, and faithful all,
Felt joyful tears at the angels call.
And suddenly a host of angels sang,
And the joy of the night through the meadows rang.
Then slowly the light began to dim,
As the angels went away from them.
And the shepherds were left in the soft starlight,
To ponder the message given them that night.
But they did not stop to ponder long.
They gathered supplies, and soon were gone,
Joyfully following the Christmas Star
To Bethlehem, which was not too far.
And there with reverence and quiet awe
They knelt, and the Savior of all they saw.
And joyful tears escaped again,
As they prayed in thanks, and worshipped Him.
And as morning light began to come,
The shepherds went to tell everyone.
Written by Sher
For some neighbors who are friends


LC said...

Thoroughly enjoyable. This is something I'll want to use in one of our future Christmas programs.

Michelle said...

I feel truly humbled. Our Savior's birth is the point and I was thinking about all the gifts I need to get working on. Thanks for the reminder; it will help me to remember the reason for the season in my gift giving.