Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If you think you should call someone, do it. They might need a can of soup!

My friend Anna
Sometimes it is hard to know whether an idea that comes to you is inspired by God, or if you just happen to be having a random idea that doesn't matter.  There was one day when I kept thinking that I should call my friend Anna.  I was her visiting teacher at the time (meaning that I was, basically, assigned to be her friend).  All day I thought of calling Anna, and then I would get busy doing something.  The thought would come again but I always put it off until the day was over and it was too late.

The next day, having felt bad for not following through on that thought, I called her.  It turns out that she had been sick the day before, and had really wanted a can of soup.  I think I even had the kind she wanted, and I easily could have gone to the store if I didn't.  I can't even remember if she took her sick self to the store, or if some other friend or family member saved the day.  I just know that, even though she chuckled when I confessed, and is still my friend today, I could have helped her had I simply taken a moment to call.  I try to remember that experience whenever I have the thought to call somebody.  They might not really need me to call, but then again, they might be sick, and want a can of soup.


LC said...

Thoroughly enjoying all your life lessons so far!

Anna said...

You know, I had forgotten all about that episode! It's a good lesson to learn, though I seem to keep needing to relearn it myself. I'm so glad you're my friend. :)