Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Multiplication of Smiles

I know it is hard to believe, but one day, when I was walking to class at BYU, I was not feeling very cheerful.  This is true even though I was wearing (I think) my Donald Duck BYU shirt.  I kind of had my head down when I heard someone say, in a really cheerful voice, "Nice shirt!"  I looked up to see a girl I didn't know smiling at me.  It was such a big smile that I couldn't help but smile myself.  While I still had this huge grin on my face I happened to pass a boy who I didn't know. He saw my smile and started to grin.  Suddenly, I was wondering how far that original smile might travel.  It dawned on me that the cheerful girl's smile was multiplying.  Already two people who had not been smiling before, were sporting grins that were at least a little contageous.  Perhaps many, many people, some she never even saw, would have a better day just because she was smiling and sending out cheery comments.

This happened around 27 years ago and I still remember because that smile changed my day for the better and made me realize the positive difference a smile can make.  Sometimes now, when I want to feel like I am making a difference to someone, I will try to create my own multiplication of smiles.  It is a good activity that doesn't hurt anyone, can be done almost anywhere, and might just brighten a day or two.

**I have decided to post my Inheritance Project writings not only Wednesdays, but whenever I want.  I can't assume that I only have 52 stories worth telling.  Running out early is better than not fitting in as many as I want!

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Happy Mom said...

I love these happy stories! Thanks for sharing them! It's winter, so it's time to get together for our birthdays, don't you think? I'll be in touch soon!