Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Series of Miracles

Tia at about 3 weeks old
When I was seven months pregnant with Tia, and we "owned" our first house, Derek lost his job.  This was a hard time.  Our series of miracles began when a friend of Derek's mom was reading the newspaper and saw a posting for a job.  She thought of Derek and ripped the posting out of the paper.  Derek received it in time to get his resume in on the last possible day, and an interview was set up for a day two weeks after Tia's birth.

Trisa, Tia, and I went to my sister Tina's house in Provo to visit during the interview.  While there, Tina saw Tia's belly.  It was red, and swollen.  I had been worried, but had convinced myself it would be okay.  Tina said, "That is not normal," and told me I should take Tia to the doctor. As soon as Derek got back from the interview we went back to Bountiful and, thanks to Tina,  I called the doctor's office.  They told me to come immediately.  The doctor was very kind, but told me I should take Tia to Primary Children's Hospital right away.  He did agree that I could pick up Derek since we lived close by.

I went home.  We packed some things for Trisa and were walking out the door when the phone rang.  Derek was offered the job he had just interviewed for.  He quickly, and graciously accepted as we ran out the door to take Trisa to the neighbor's house.  At the hospital a grumpy doctor told me that Tia had a 50 / 50 chance of living.

We spent a gloomy night in a dark little room in the hospital worrying and praying more than sleeping.  In the morning, an ultrasound was done, and it was discovered that Tia's chances were not so grim.  Her diagnosis went from a belly button infection (very dangerous), to a cyst.  This required surgery, but was not nearly as dangerous.

The surgery was done, and Tia came home.  It had been a stressful time, but it was a time where Derek found a job, Tia's health was returned, and the blessings of having such good family and friends were shown to us again.
Tia home from the hospital and doing very well. 
Maybe she smiled earlier than I thought, and I was just too tired to notice!

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