Monday, March 18, 2013

How to be Great Neighbors

Over twenty years ago Derek and I bought our first house in Bountiful.  When we moved in, our next door neighbors brought over some food for us to eat.  While we were doing renovations they checked to make sure we had a means of cooking food, and they had us over to their house for dinner once. 

These are the neighbors that patiently watered the piece of ground on our property that did not have sprinklers, and who explained to us how much water a lawn needs each week.  They warned us about certain weeds that would take over if we weren't careful.

When Derek lost his job they let us know we could turn to them for help, and two weeks after Tia was born, when she needed to be taken to Primary Children's Hospital, we knew they would willingly watch Trisa.  They knew that we were not doing well financially, and they offered to help pay for Tia's hospital bills.

These neighbors cared about us, and they did what they could to be helpful.  We only lived in Bountiful for one year, but their good example has stuck with me for twenty years, and I love them still for the help they were to my family.  They were a great example of how to be great neighbors.

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Saimi said...

An act of kindness you will never forget but I can bet they never thought twice about it.