Sunday, May 12, 2013

25th Anniversary / Mother's Day

 Yesterday, the 11th, was Derek's and my 25th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated with a great trip to St. George.  On our hike in Snow Canyon we were talking a little about our aches and pains as we walked, and then about all of the things we had gained in the last 25 years.  We would not trade all of the gain for our younger, less achy bodies!

We have gained 6 wonderful children, several brothers and sisters-in-law, 60 nieces and nephews (we already had one).  We now have a much nicer house than our original basement apartment, and more nice things to enjoy.  We have multiple cars and they all work (for the moment).  We have college degrees that we didn't have, and work experience.  We have more friends, and more happy memories.

Along with all of those things, we have learned through our experiences to better trust in our Savior, and to have greater faith in God.  We are very blessed indeed!
Today is Mother's Day.  On the right is a picture of my Mother with her children.  I have been blessed with an incredibly wonderful mother.  I love her.

During church today the story from the Book of Mormon (Alma 56) about the Stripling Warriors and their mothers was told three times.  I want to be like those mothers!  I want to have shared my testimony of the Savior so well through my words and actions that when my children are faced with impossibly hard circumstances, they will stand with faith, knowing the Lord will be with them. 

My Mother is like that, as is my Mother-in-law.  Derek's and my Grandmothers were faithful, hardworking, loving women too, and they made a difference!  I am very thankful for the Mothers and those who are motherly who have blessed my life.  Happy Mothers Day!

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Happy Mom said...

Thanks for posting! Love it! And happy anniversary! 25 wonderful years! You're a great example of a wonderful mother as well. And such a wonderful influence in my life!