Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Pictures

Derek's birthday morning was spent at church.  He planned, and with the help of Connor and his friends, performed a puppet show for the kids.  The pictures below are birthday present opening after church (2 pics), an evening trip to our property in Elk Ridge (2 pics), birthday dessert at Derek's parents house (rootbeer floats), and finally one picture of the Monday party we had here with Derek's parents on Monday.  The piñata handle broke after Dan's two hits right at the beginning and Derek started tossing it up and letting people hit it.  Kayli's was the final, powerful swing that let all of the candy loose.




Saimi said...

Awe what a fun birthday!!!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Derek. Hope it was a great one.

LC said...

Happy cinco-de-mayo Birthday to Derek!