Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grandma Christensen

Grandma C. and Trisa
Grandma Christensen was the Grandma that I knew for the shortest amount of time.  By the time I joined the family she was quite old, and she passed away before Derek and I had been married three years.  I only know a few things about her, like the fact that she loved music, and that she believed in making beds properly.  She had an old ironing machine in the house that was used to iron sheets.  I'm assuming that ironing the sheets made them softer because that is the only reason I can think of that would tempt me to iron sheets!

As senior citizens she and Grandpa decided to take a painting class.  They knew they were not too old to learn new things.  As a result, there were several paintings around the house that they had done.  Grandma took Derek and me on a tour of the house and showed us which paintings were hers.  I was impressed, and told her so.  I also told her that I didn't think I could ever paint anything so well because my drawing skills are not good.  She assured me that I could if I took a class.  She was so certain sounding that if I ever decide I want to paint, and get up the nerve to try, it will be, in part, because she said that I could do it.

I really did not know Grandma long, but I was convinced that she really liked me, and that meant quite a lot to me. She must have known how to sew because I have a little sewing box that belonged to her.  I like it because it reminds me of a lady who was old enough when I met her that hearing, seeing, remembering, and moving around had all become difficult, but who was still, inside, the very capable, loving, knowledgeable person that she had always been.  She was frustrated with being old.  She missed reading, singing, painting, and so many things that she had enjoyed, but she had faith that life continues after this one, that there is a resurrection, and that she would, one day, again be able to do all of the things that she loved.

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