Monday, May 20, 2013

Grandma Fuller

Grandma and Grandpa Fuller

This week I want to post some of what I have learned from Grandmas -- both my own, and Derek's.

Grandma Fuller is the grandma I feel like I knew the best during my growing up years.  When we went to Grandma's house, I remember running right to the pantry to see what she had made for us to snack on.  I particularly loved her applesauce cake, but I remember liking her cookies too.  She made delicious fruit leather, and I often went down to the storage room to raid her dried fruit.  I always felt like Grandma was glad to have us at her house, and she was kind, though I do remember her being frustrated with me for being afraid of her vacuum when I was little!

For many years Grandma sent birthday cards to each of her grandchildren.  I got my last one when she was almost 81.  She lived until she was 93 and 1/2 and her family was important to her.  She came through the temple with me when I went for the first time, was at my wedding, and even came to my little apartment when Derek and I were celebrating our graduation from college.  She has many grandchildren and I think she went to as many of our important events as she could manage.  I remember hearing at her funeral how important she had been to a cousin of mine.  She had written him letters that were important to him.  I think she was inspired to know when people needed her, and she supported her children, and grandchildren the best that she could.

My grandma had a lot of skills.  She could cook, and bake.  She was an excellent gardener, a seamstress, a teacher, and she served the Lord in many ways, including two missions.  My Grandma was a very hard worker.  I have a quote from her journal on my desk.  It was written when she was 88.  It says,
"Haven't been feeling very ambitious.  I polished the bathrooms so they're clean.  I cleaned the floors, vacuumed the rugs, mopped the halls so they're dusted, did a couple loads of wash, then I did some mending and fixed two dresses so they would be more comfortable and this morning I did some irrigating and pulled some weeds.  All together I guess that isn't too bad." 
 Somehow this quote never makes me feel discouraged.  I just smile, and remember my wonderful, hard working Grandma, and her great example of love and service.
Grandma Fuller and Trisa, February 1991

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Ada said...

93 1/2 :) Got to give her credit for every bit!!!!