Thursday, June 20, 2013

A touch of . . . .


You have a loving Father
In heaven up above,
And an older brother
Who taught the world of love.
You have their words in scripture,
So you will know the way
To make it back to heaven
To live with them someday.

 Our home up there is happy,
We're loved and understood,
Our wants and needs are known,
And the feeling there is good.
Our Father's not too busy
To hear our hearts' complaint
Or to listen to our joys
Or to strengthen us when faint.

 And though we are not home now
He'd like us to come back;
He sent His only Son
To give us what we lack.
Our brother made it possible
To bridge the chasm wide,
And if we turn our hearts to Him
He'll help us to His side.

 Father never feels too weary,
Or thinks we matter not
For we are all His children,
And He loves us all a lot.
He lets us choose our own way.
He will not force us home.
He'll let us walk in darkness,
And on thorny pathways roam.

 But He is ever calling
Hoping we will hear
Knowing if we'll stop to pray
That we could feel Him near.
If we will look He'll lead us
From darkness into light
Onto the straight and narrow path
Where we can choose the right.

And if we do not weary
Of traveling the road,
And call upon Him for help
With carrying our load
The path will lead us home
To that peaceful place above
That is never filled with darkness
And is always filled with love.
Poem by Sher

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