Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dads Are Important

One of my favorite Dad pictures -- Derek with Trisa
Today is Father's Day and I thought I'd write about what I think should be an obvious fact;  Dads are important!  How do I know that Dad's are important?  I know because I have a Dad, and I have a husband who is a Dad, and I know many, many awesome Dads, and I know because prophets say so.

One of the ways I have come to know the importance of Dads is by being a Mom.  Being a Mom is exhausting!  I'm a woman, and I already have so many emotions, and then I need to deal with all of the emotions of my children too!  When I'm tired that is really, really hard (at least if it is to be done gracefully, without yelling).  Sometimes I feel like I can't possibly manage, and that's when Derek comes to the rescue.  We have found that it is unusual for us both to be at our wits end at the same time.  Therefore, when I can't handle something, Derek can.  We back each other up.  I honor any single parent who manages their family without a spouse because it is hard.  I know that it is best, if at all possible, to have a Dad and a Mom.  It is really great to have back up.

Dads are pretty great at making money.  Sometimes their jobs stink, and they have to work long hours doing something they may not love, but families need money to live.  Kids grow constantly and are always needing bigger sizes of things.  It's cold in the winter (at least here) and we need heat, and blankets, and we love our soft beds.  There are so many things that are needed and wanted, and it is great that Dads are willing to work hours and hours to provide these nice things for the people they love the most.  Women can earn money too, but families are usually better off because of a Dad who is doing the best he can to take care of his family financially.

Dads are fun.  In my house Dads are the most fun.  I am here all of the time.  I often feel so responsible that I forget to relax and have fun.  Dads often know how to play, and they make family time more fun.  Derek coming home is truly something we look forward to!

Having a good Dad in the home brings such a feeling of security to children -- especially if Dad loves Mom!  Everything is better for a child and a family if there is a good Dad.  I honor the Dads in my life.  My Dad is important to me,  My Dad-in-law is important to me, Derek is important to my children and me, and my nieces and nephews are all blessed by good Dads who are important to them.  I know without any doubt that Dads are Important!

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