Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Things

This is the new floor in the exercise / guest room.   Dan had to be in the picture since he's in the other ones of our new floors.  This floor was the hardest of the four laminate floors we have to put in.  It would not click together properly.  It took two days, (a little over one full day of work) but it looks lovely!

This is Jake sitting in one of the two new camp chairs Derek got for Father's Day.  We lost one of our other chairs, and threw away a broken one.  Derek's is the fancy one on the right.

This is my new car.  It was a bit of a surprise for me.  Derek asked me about it on Thursday and we bought it on Friday.  It is a Toyota Sienna.  The old van will go to Tia in Cedar City so that she and Trisa won't have to take turns being stranded at their apartment.  They've been sharing Derek's old Acura.  Tia is a little bummed that she has to drive a van.  It is not a fun college car.  I will miss it though.  We've had it since Jake was a baby and it has been a good van for me!  The new one is fun and I will adjust quickly.  It's really easy to go too fast in this one!

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Happy Mom said...

I have this exact car! Literally. White. Only older. 10 years old actually this June. And I love it. So much! Very nice to drive. Has had very few problems. Comfortable. Congratulations on the car, and the floor, and the dads in your life! Love it!