Friday, August 30, 2013

Dan's Birthday #7

Dan turned seven on the 29th.  He celebrated with a party the day before his birthday.  He had so much fun, and his friends / cousins spoiled him with nice gifts.  On his birthday we opened presents before school.  He really wanted a stuffed animal turtle, which he didn't get.  He does have a glow pet that should arrive today, but it is not a turtle!  Oops.  For a seven year old he did pretty well opening presents at his party.  He was generally enthusiastic and thankful.  He did okay when he opened presents on his birthday, but I did hear him say, "Well, at least I got a cool movie."  He has been a tad spoiled this year!  He had his first full soccer game on his birthday and prayed at night that he would only remember the good parts of his game.  Anyhow, he is a wonderful, dramatic, fun boy.  We love him a lot.  Here are some pictures.
Birthday Party Cake

 Lucas, Dan, Mason, Sam (Lucas wanted to help blow I think!)
It took Dan at least 7 blows to get those 7 candles out.
 Jordan and Dan sword fight.
 Dan said, "Take a picture of this Mom!"
 These were supposed to be our best fierce fighting faces.
 Did you know that Dan likes to pose dramatically?
This was his birthday cake (for the actual day)
I put the candles closer together this time,
but it still took a few tries to get those candles out!

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