Wednesday, August 7, 2013

God's Love

This is a song I wrote for a friend.  If you would like to hear the melody then click here.  The usual disclaimer about my voice and the not great video quality applies.  Dan was my camera man this time, and he cut off the last note.  I guess he was done with the song by then!   I hope you will like my song at least a little bit!

God's Love
You know it rains sometimes
When we want the sun to shine
Dark clouds come rolling through
And we don't know what to do
The darkness seems like night
And we want to feel the light
But warmth and light both seem so far away
But do not fear my friend
Though the storm is crashing in
There are angels all around
To bring the light back down
When you lie down at night
Their love wraps you up tight
And holds you close until the morning light
And there are friends for you
Who will help to see you through
They will hold up an umbrella
And a lamp for comfort too
You will feel the warmth and strength
Of your angels who are near
And you'll know there is nothing you should fear
For Father's love is true
And He will see you through
He'll keep angels round about you
So that you'll know what to do
And peace will seep right in
As the storm begins to dim
And God's love sends sunshine to your soul
He'll send His sunshine to your soul.

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