Thursday, November 7, 2013

Listening Ears

This last little while I've had moments where I have felt incredibly stressed over several things, one of which is Trisa's wedding reception (no worries Trisa!).  What if I decorate Trisa's wedding reception, and it looks stupid?  What if nobody wants to help me decorate, or they can't because it's right before Christmas?  What if I annoy someone and they wish they didn't know me?  (I'm really good at worrying). 

Thankfully, I have also been the beneficiary of good listeners; people who are sympathetic, and understanding, and encouraging.  People listening to me in the midst of their own stresses has been very helpful.  I also found it helpful to listen to them in my turn, because when it comes right down to it, I am thankful that I have my problems, and not theirs! 

When someone listens to me it helps me put things back in the proper perspective.  Trisa is a kind and easy going bride.  My friends probably aren't all going to ditch me when I need to decorate.  I might accidentally annoy someone, but hopefully not bad enough that they'll wish they didn't know me!  And the wedding is really the important part.

I am thankful for good people, who have used their listening ears on me.

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Denelle said...

Just a couple of thoughts to hopefully help ease your stress from my wedding reception perspective. Most people are glad it is you and not them doing it and will think it is beautiful even when you question it. And, when's it over and done, like you said the wedding is the most important part and all the decorating in the world won't be that well remembered. We still want it to look nice but simple is beautiful too :) Most of all, Trisa will love whatever you do just thankful that her mom loves and cares about her :) I am happy to help wherever I can.