Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hope, Possibilities, and Miracles

Dear Family and Friends,

Throughout the year I have tried to tell my stories in the hopes that someone could learn something from the experiences that I have had.  Always I have thought ahead to what I wanted to say at the end of the year, and the end of my project.  Though I have more stories to tell, and more stories to experience in the years ahead, these are the things I most want you to know.

There is always hope!  Because of Jesus Christ and the atonement there is hope for comfort, peace, happiness, and help.  There is hope for improvement, and forgiveness.  There is hope that weaknesses can be overcome, that problems can be solved, and that added strength can be given to carry a heavy load.  When we look to our Savior, there is always hope for that glimmer of light to guide us through our dark times.  Through Christ we have hope to love better, and to love forever.  We also have that hope of seeing all of our loved ones again.  There will be a resurrection!  There is always hope.

Jesus is our Savior, and because of Him there are endless good possibilities.  Even when we feel surrounded by darkness, or evil, or hopelessness, and what seem like impossible problems, there are solutions.  If we are patient, and persistent, and look to Christ, we will find them. 

Finally, I know that there are miracles.  I have experienced them in my life.  There have been miracles of healing, of the ability to endure, and of perspective.  I have been blessed to recognize seemingly small miracles, and rather dramatic miracles, and all of those miracles came because I have a loving Father in Heaven.  He has never forgotten me, or you, and He never will.  He loves us.

May God bless all of you that you will have hope, that you will be able to see happy possibilities in your life, and that you will recognize the miracles that are sent just for you from our loving Father.

Love from,
Mom / Sherie

Live Long and Prosper: Christmas Eve 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Meeting Susan

I promised months ago that I would eventually tell the story of meeting my friend Susan.  Susan was in my ward at church, but I do not remember meeting her until I was assigned to be her visiting teacher.  She had just had a hip replacement (she's slowly turning into the bionic woman) and us visiting teachers were called to take a meal to the family.  I remember walking in and seeing Susan lying on the couch as my companion and I walked through to the kitchen.

For whatever reason, as I saw Susan there, I thought "we won't have anything in common".  I am starting to recognize that whenever this thought enters my head it is a sign that this person will be important to me!  Why I even had that thought is beyond me.  Susan and I are both women, wives, mothers, and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We love chatting, and laughing, and working together to get things done.  Without even trying hard it is easy to see that we have quite a bit in common.

As months went by, and I continued to go and visit Susan, I quickly discovered that Susan is an excellent listener who has a gift for being grateful.  I often don't see her for long stretches of time, but she has become more like a sister, who loves me no matter what, and no matter how often I get to visit her.  I believe that my assignment to visit teach Susan was inspired, because Heavenly Father knew that I needed Susan.  She is one of my very own earthly angels who reminds me by her example to be grateful, and who reminds me often that I am loved.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tiny One

Picture by Nathan Green
A tiny baby in a giant world.
A God, recognized by few.
Creator of the very world
He then came and was born into.
The heavens knew, a star was born.
Angels rejoiced and sang their joy.
Shepherds, awakened before the morn,
Left right away to find the boy.
What hope came with this tiny one!
False hopes to those who didn't know
He would atone for the wrongs they'd done,
Not save them from a Roman's blow.
He grew, one man in a giant world;
Creator, brother, Savior too,
As many went throughout their days
Not knowing the great work He would do.
He saves from sin, and death, and pain
From sorrow, and despair, and pride.
He leads us all back home again,
If we choose to stay by His side.
by Sher


Picture from Google Images
Christmas lights, Christmas trees,
falling snow, a fire's glow,
cheerful music, tasty treats,
yummy smells, and food to eat.
Kindness in what people do.
Hope, and peace, and comfort too.
Thoughtful acts, forgiving ways,
Love woven in throughout each day.
A frantic pace, still moments too,
to think what Christ has done for you.
Golden times you wish to keep,
amidst the common lack of sleep.
All the family gathered near
with anticipation and good cheer.
When hope and kindness are around;
When peace and joy and love abound;
This is how Christmas should be.
At least, that's what it seems to me.
by Sher


(This is the Christmas song I wrote last year -- but I think I'll leave off the video of me singing this time.)
Picture by Simon Dewey

Rejoice! The time is near
When we honor the birth of One most dear.
Rejoice!  He came to be
The Savior of all, even you and me.
Rejoice!  Hold up your head!
The Son of God came to a manger bed.
Rejoice!  For He is true!
He atoned for the sins of me and you.
Rejoice!  For He still lives!
Forgiveness and help are the things He gives.
Rejoice!  His love is sure.
With His love in our hearts we can endure.
He takes despair and gives us peace,
From sins tight chains He gives release,
When sorrow binds, He comfort brings
He gives us every joyful thing.
Rejoice! Rejoice! He is our King!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Light Came Shining

(Here is a link to me singing the song.  I hope you have a really merry Christmas)
When people went to bed that night
A new star shone its heav'nly light
Upon the quiet town
The light came shining down.
And in a humble cattle stall
Was born the one who'd save us all
The mighty king, a babe
Into the manger laid.
And shepherds in a field nearby
Saw a glorious angel fly!
He'd come to share the joy
Of this precious baby boy.
And heav'nly hosts joined in and sang.
The fields with joyful music rang.
The shepherds ran to see,
And bowed upon their knee.
And then they told all who would hear
This news of happiness and cheer,
The Savior had been born!
There would be an Easter morn!
Because of Him we'd live again.
We'd overcome the pull of sin.
He would lead us home,
To Father and His throne.
Oh, it was a joyous day!
So with the shepherds we will say,
The Savior has been born!
There will be an Easter morn!
The Savior has been born,
And there has been an Easter morn!