Monday, December 2, 2013

Light Came Shining

(Here is a link to me singing the song.  I hope you have a really merry Christmas)
When people went to bed that night
A new star shone its heav'nly light
Upon the quiet town
The light came shining down.
And in a humble cattle stall
Was born the one who'd save us all
The mighty king, a babe
Into the manger laid.
And shepherds in a field nearby
Saw a glorious angel fly!
He'd come to share the joy
Of this precious baby boy.
And heav'nly hosts joined in and sang.
The fields with joyful music rang.
The shepherds ran to see,
And bowed upon their knee.
And then they told all who would hear
This news of happiness and cheer,
The Savior had been born!
There would be an Easter morn!
Because of Him we'd live again.
We'd overcome the pull of sin.
He would lead us home,
To Father and His throne.
Oh, it was a joyous day!
So with the shepherds we will say,
The Savior has been born!
There will be an Easter morn!
The Savior has been born,
And there has been an Easter morn!

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