Friday, January 10, 2014

Comparison is the Fast Track to Misery

During Sister Pearce's talk at "Time Out for Women" a few years ago, she said that "comparison is the fast track to misery".  This has stuck with me, and pops into my head regularly.

I often catch myself comparing me to those around me.  My neighbor up the street sings and plays the piano better than I do.  My brother is more skilled at the guitar.  I know people who are better at making others laugh, or feel comfortable.  There are people who are great at exercising regularly, and who actually have the ability to play basketball without it really hurting their shoulders.  I compare my talents, my health, my house, etc.  Granted, I often find a different person for each thing, but there is always somebody out there being better than me, or having some thing or situation that I don't -- and wish I did!   I start to feel ungrateful, and unhappy, because my talents are not as big as someone else's, my things not as nice, or my health not as good.

If comparison is the fast track to misery, then I am pretty sure that gratitude is the key to joy.   Just because someone else is more skilled at something than I am, does not mean that what I do is of no value. Focusing on what I can do, and what I do have, is helpful.  It is also good to remember that Heavenly Father loves me because I am His child, and He does not want any of His children to be miserable.  He loves me whether I can do or say things better than other people, or not.  He loves me whether I have a lot of things, or none.  He loves me for who I am.

Comparison is the fast track to misery, but gratitude is the key to joy.  Today, I choose to be grateful.

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LC said...

Enjoyed catching up on your last few posts. I think your new year's goals are fantastic. Keep up the good work!