Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Without Electricity ........

I read a book the other day about sleep.  I was trying to find help for my insomniacs.  The book talked about our sleep rhythms and how they have been changed by the invention of electricity.  So here are a couple of things that I have had fun thinking about.

1.  What time would we eat dinner if there was no electricity?  Would it change according to the seasons of the year?

2.  What time would we go to bed if there was no electricity?  Keep in mind that candle and lantern light aren't the best for reading, and there wouldn't be any television to watch.  Again, would it change during the year?  Would we be sleepy earlier when it is dark more?  Could we stay asleep longer?

3.  Would those of us who use white noise to stay asleep (the fan runs constantly) learn to sleep through nighttime noises?

**I realized the other day that my biggest problem with writing something to talk about at the dinner table is that I was trying to come up with profound thoughts -- and that's just too much pressure!  So I'll just go for something I find interesting :-)

***Picture from Wikepedia

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