Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Paper Bag Game

Monday, after Connor told us stories about Porter Rockwell, my Dad and Derek went to take the big mirror out of the master bathroom as the beginning of a redo the bathroom project.  The rest of us, except my Mom, played The Paper Bag Game.  My Mom was a great audience as the rest of us stood on one foot and tried to pick up our paper bags with our mouths.  No hands allowed. 

Some nose dives and acrobatic one legged leaps happened as we cut the bags shorter and shorter.  The winner is the person who can pick up their bag at the shortest level, and stand back up again.  Jake, predictably, was the winner.  Derek took a few pictures of us lined up from winner to me, the "loser".  I felt like I did pretty well so I wasn't really sad.  Plus, if Derek had been playing he would have lost.  He is not flexible in the way that is needed to be a paper bag game champion!

*We occasionally played this game at family home evening when I was young.
**I beat Kayli until she knew we were going to take pictures, then she decided to try harder.

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Happy Mom said...

I stopped by to say hi! This looks like a fun game. We're going to have to try it sometime! I hope you are doing well. How is your cute married daughter? Thinking of you!!