Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Derek's Birthday Celebration

Derek's birthday celebration started when he got home from work.  His requested dinner of rigatoni was mostly ready, and when we were done consuming the feast we started on the activities that we have pictures of, and so I'll let the pictures do the talking -- mostly.

 If you wonder why we do a pinata, besides the obvious reason that Derek's birthday is on Cinco de Mayo, just look at Derek's face in the pictures above.

 Derek picked out his main present, and this is him giving the present a try after he opened his "surprise" gift.
 What's so funny?  Derek just lit his own candle and the dead tulip on fire.  
 Gearing up to blow all of those candles out.  You might read that with a slightly sarcastic tone of voice.
This is Derek's "innocent" face as he explains that he had no idea that the dead tulip was flammable.

Next we started watching the second Hobbit movie that he bought for himself.  He also got some nice notes from siblings, gifts from both sets of parents (mine and his), and calls from Trisa, Travis, and Tia.  Because of these things, even though he had to go to work, it was still a happy birthday.

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Mike said...

I'm always thankful for another year,and cake must have cake.Red velvet with cream cheese frosting,that gives the roof of my mouth a tingle just thinking about it.Happy Birthday Derek.