Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monticello in July

The family, minus Tia who was working in Cedar City, went to Monticello in July to visit Trisa, Travis, and Chewy (the dog).  Kayli and Connor went early and so they got to spend a little extra time being spoiled by Travis' cooking, and baking, and all of the attention they got from their sister and brother-in-law.  They didn't want to come home, but we wouldn't let them stay forever and so they gave in and came back so they could earn some money this summer.

I have so many good pictures!  Here are a few.
Kayli, Connor, Trisa, Sherie, Dan, Jake, and Chewy

Isn't this a great creature?  It's some kind of dinosaur at a museum we went to.
I didn't learn enough to know the Dino's name, but Jake probably would know, if he was home to ask.

Jake, Derek, Travis, Dan, Connor, Kayli, Trisa

Jake, Derek, Sherie, Dan, Connor, Kayli, Trisa, and Chewy

Connor climbs a tower.

Jake, Dan, and Derek on one of Travis' Dad's trucks.

I asked Travis if I could drive one of his Dad's trucks.  He was very quick with his "NO!"
But he let me pretend to drive the truck, which is good enough for me!

Dan and Jake -- feeling tall

Travis rigged up a microphone for some Karaoke.  I think they could hear us quite far away.

Chewy and Dan.  Dan loved Chewy and wanted to spend his vacation throwing the ball for Chewy to retrieve.
Dan was unhappy when we did activities that did not include the dog!
Trisa and Travis were great hosts and we had a good visit.  We were fed a LOT of good food.  We went up the canyon where the scenery was lovely.  We also got to spend a beautiful day at Lake Powell with Travis' family who were very patient and kind -- especially with Dan who was grumpy that we forgot his life jacket and he had to wear a pink one (wrong side out).  Dan wanted to go "home" and play with Chewy.  Travis' family members are all good company and lots of fun to be with.  This was a happy vacation.

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