Monday, October 27, 2014

Trisa's Birthday

Trisa's brother-in-law got married the day before Trisa's birthday, and so after his reception Trisa and Travis came to celebrate Trisa's birthday with us.  Hooray!  They brought Chewy, the dog, who is always popular and who was very well behaved even though he could not figure out why we weren't letting him in the house.  Poor Chewy!

On Trisa's birthday she opened presents, had homemade brownies and homemade peach ice cream and helped with the Christensen family (extended family) Halloween Party.  We have a large enough family that we can staff a haunted woods, and give three trailer's full of kids and parents rides through it!  I have heard that Trisa got the giggles when she was being bewitched and couldn't turn into a haunted horse as fast as she was supposed to.

We love to have Trisa and Travis come.  Here are some pictures from the birthday celebration.  I, predictably, didn't even think about taking my camera to the Halloween Party!

Trisa and Dan with her birthday goods on the side.

Trisa with her representation of 24 candles.

Cousins to help celebrate.

Not the best picture of Travis, but you needed to know that he was really there!
This is what happens when you look away from the camera, you get a picture of your profile posted on my blog!

Cousin Haven

Cousin Weston
Weston also helped a lot with the birthday lasagna, and then they had to go home before we ate it.  It was very yummy lasagna.  He and Kayli did a good job.

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