Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday's Thankful Things

Here's what I have been thankful for the last couple of days:

Tuesday I felt thankful to live in a country where we get a say in what happens and who leads.  I was also thankful to go to the polls and find so many friends there exercising their right to vote.  It reminded me that I am blessed to associate with many good people.
My polling place was at our elementary school and was a little, really warm (by afternoon) room
This is not my polling place.  I didn't really take a camera with me.

Tuesday evening I was thankful for music, and particularly for the way good music affects me.  I was able to play my flute for a while, and it helped me to feel less stress and more peace -- not that I have much to be stressed over -- it was late in the day and I create my own stress at night time!

Wednesday morning I was feeling thankful for my girls, and their gift for listening.  I called Trisa and she chatted with me, and helped me feel more ready to meet the day.  I could have called Kayli or Tia too and they would have been happy to listen and to chat.
I need to get pictures of my girls together!  Tia is probably feeling like her Harry Potter pose is stalking her!  Sorry Tia!

I was also thankful for my friend Michele who called.  I had been missing her, and was glad she called to talk to me.
This is Michele.  She's great.  I'm sure she totally won't mind that I stole her picture from facebook!

Wednesday I picked up Connor from school and went up to Garland to help my parents who were loading up a moving truck for their move to St. George.  I was thankful for Connor and his willingness to load heavy food storage as fast as he could so that my Dad wouldn't have to.  I was thankful to visit with my Mom, and to have them both feeling happy to move to St. George.  I was also thankful for safe travel, and for Connor's company as I drove.
This is not their truck, but it kind of looks like it.  You should have seen how tightly packed it was!
I am thankful for a lot of things today (Thursday) too, but this post is clearly labeled "Tuesday and Wednesday's Thankful Things", and so I'll wait until tomorrow!

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