Saturday, December 27, 2014


I forgot to take a picture of this when it was done.  Oops.  I shared this before.
Now imagine it with lots more feathers, and notice the Turkey's look.  Kayli said it looked sad.

I never reported on Thanksgiving, and I also didn't take any pictures-- thus the repeat.  We went to St. George for Thanksgiving so that we could be with Tia, help my parents, and spend time with "the" cousins.  Here are some things we loved.

1.  As I mentioned -- Tia could come.  YAY!
2.  It was really fun to be with my parents.
3.  We were able to be helpful at my parents house, and helping is fun.
4.  Connor and Kayli bravely, or foolishly (depending on your point of view) went Black Friday shopping with cousins and Aunt Tonya.  I don't think they bought anything, but I know Aunt Tonya was grateful for Kayli's company, and Connor loves spending time with Porter.
5.  I went black Friday shopping with Tonya, Haven, and Haven's friend.  It was not early.  The lines were long, even the line to get out of the parking lot.  The good thing was the company, and Haven was happy with her acquisitions, and I saw a cousin who lives in Idaho, who I don't see often.
6.  The weather was pretty nice.
7.  I loved spending time with my Mom.  She was so cheerful and fun to be with and I was so happy to be there!
8.  We went to the park and walked around a bit while kids played.
9.  My brother Ray and his wife Lori were at my parent's house Saturday morning, and so we got to see them too!
10.  It was Thanksgiving, and we were feeling well, and had good company, and good food, and we were Thankful.

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