Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dan in the Spelling Bee

Dan in the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee
Dan was one of three students in his class that got to participate in the 3rd grade spelling bee.  There were nine participants total (3 third grade classes).  That was a nerve wracking thing to watch!  Dan was putting on a show for his mother.  He would spell words behind the other third graders backs -- not out loud but with exaggerated mouth movements.  He would jump dramatically down to the microphone.  He really couldn't sit still, and was constantly making sure I was watching him!

He did a good job.  I was impressed.  Our practices hadn't gone well.  When I practiced with him at school he missed almost every word and finally said, "Mom, can we just practice at home?"  When we practiced at home he got grumpy, and so we quit.  He does well if he concentrates, but sometimes he just doesn't want to do that.  He made it through about 6 rounds though (I don't know exactly how many). School ended before the spelling bee was over, so I never knew who won.  There were three girls left who just weren't missing any words.  I was proud of all of those kids.  I think that being in a spelling bee in front of all of your peers is really brave.

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