Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'll Never Do That Again!

One of my in shape, adventurous sisters-in-law arranged for a group of us to hike to the Y on Memorial Day morning.  I remembered thinking, after hiking the trail last time, that I would never do that again.  But I did.  The only reasons I made it were: 

1.  Derek stayed with me the whole time.  
2.  I packed a granola bar which gave me a boost of energy when I needed it.
3.  I was hiking back near my niece Tessa -- who is 3  -- and she said, "Let's run Mom!"  We were probably half way up, and I already wanted to be done.  I felt like a wimp and decided I'd better keep going!

That being said, I did have Kayli take a couple of pictures of me so that I could prove I made it, just in case I really follow through with my "I'll never do that again!" this time around.

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