Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rules to Live By

This might be odd to you, but coming up with "rules to live by" is a perfectly normal and fun activity for me.  I found this list in one of the spiral notebooks that I write random things in.  It's really just a list of good things that I want to remember.  Do you have any rules to live by of your own?

*If you notice something good about someone -- tell them.
*People are more important than things or schedules.
*If you say you will do something -- do it.
*If possible -- be early.
*ALWAYS take a jacket (this is for people like me -- who are almost always cold)
*Only say good things about people.
*Gratitude makes everything better.
*Trust God and His plan
*Choose happiness

I didn't come up with the one above on the right -- but it reminds me of me and my puppets.  I like to be silly with them, and I almost always feel happy while being the Princess!

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