Saturday, January 16, 2016

Singing On My Way

Ha ha ha.  Imagine the girl in the car is me.

Another little goal I have is to use my time in the car better.  I mean, I always get where I'm going, but I've spent a lot of time punching button after button to change radio stations, and getting frustrated when there is nothing I want to listen to.  What is better than that?  Well, about anything really, but I have another little goal, and I decided I could accomplish both at once.

You see, when I was contemplating what things help me feel happy, singing is right up there towards the top of the list.  I have been that way for as long as I can remember.  If I'm feeling super down, and can make myself sing, I almost always feel better.  So I decided that a good little goal for me is to sing more.  So, instead of changing radio stations five times on the way to Walmart -- I sing my way there, and I sing my way back.  I make a lot of trips around town by myself, and it's been fun to see how many of the hymns that I used to have memorized I can still sing.  I sing other songs too, when I can think of them.

Not too long ago I took Dan to get new tennis shoes since I discovered that his big toe was pretty much walking on the snow.  When we got in the van I asked him what he wanted to sing.  He laughed and said, "Nothing!  I want to listen to the radio.  It sounds better."  Then, realizing that saying this might be insulting he said, "You know, because it has instruments to go with it and everything".  I told him I was going to sing.  I sang for about half of our trip there and then started to talk to Dan (because talking to kids in the car is a good thing to do too).

On the way home I told him we could listen to the radio, but that lasted about 30 seconds because, even though he talked nonstop in the store, he still had a lot to say, and I couldn't hear him with the radio on.  There are a lot of good things to listen to, including children, in the car.  It's not a bad time for praying either (with your eyes open).  I do that a lot in bad weather. You know -- "Please don't let any of us crash!" -- but if you see me driving around town by myself, you will likely see me singing on my way.

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