Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Adam's Baptism

On Saturday we climbed in the van at 7:00 a.m. to head towards Logan to attend our nephew Adam's baptism.  Derek's parents came with us.  It was nice to visit with them, and to attend the happy event. It was fun to see Trent and Michelle, and to tour Adam's Grandparent's house (Michelle's parents). Adam's Grandma W. designed the house herself, and it is very beautiful.  We were glad we could go.

Here are some pictures:
This is our J.D. (Jake Derek) with his cousin J.D. (Joseph Duhn)
Both were named with their great grandpa J.D. (Jensen Duhn) in mind
Jake goes by Jake.  J.D. actually goes by J.D.
J.D. saw Jake and exclaimed "Oh!  I missed you so much!"  J.D. knows how to make people feel good!
Jake spent most of his time with J.D.  He loves his cousins and is really good with the little ones.

This is Adam looking handsome on his big day.

I thought I'd get a selfie with Adam.  He is a good boy!

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Saimi said...

Those are cute pictures. Baptisms are so special, it's nice you were able to be there!