Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Relief Society -- "The Beginning of Better Days"

The Beginning of Better Days: Divine Instruction to Women from the Prophet Joseph Smith

February has been a good month for reading good books.  I just completed The Beginning of Better Days:  Divine Instruction to Women from the Prophet Joseph Smith.  It shares the counsel the prophet Joseph gave to women during, and after, the organization of  The Female Relief Society of Nauvoo.

This organization still exists.  Its name has now been shortened to Relief Society and it is the largest women's organization in the world. According to Mormon.org "Its purpose is to build faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and help those in need." I am honored to be a member.

One quote given from the prophet Joseph is:  "The nearer we get to our heavenly Father, the more are we dispos'd to look with compassion on perishing souls -- to take them upon our shoulders and cast their sins behind our back.  I am going to talk to all this Society -- if you would have God have mercy on you, have mercy on one another."

I am thankful for those who have had compassion and mercy on me, and hope I will always remember to extend that compassion and mercy to those around me.

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