Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Jesus Room

Not too long ago Derek and I went on a date.  When we left we had no inside projects lined up. When we came home, we had decided to paint the piano room, the hallway, the kitchen / dining / family room, and the guest room.  Kayli said we aren't allowed to go out anymore when we have ideas.  We had decided just to do an accent wall in the piano room.  As usual there are not before pictures -- only after pictures.  Kayli helped me with this during her spring break.
When my father-in-law saw it he said, "Is this the Jesus room?"  I guess it is -- but its official label has always been "the piano room" and will probably remain the piano room.  The furniture used to be arranged differently, and Jesus' picture was above the piano.  Things have changed a bit, and we have a couple of things left to do, but this room is mostly done.  It is currently holding piles of pictures from the hallway, which has its first coat of gray.

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