Thursday, June 2, 2016

Connor Graduates

The graduation walk around the track.  I don't really know who that is behind Connor.
Kayli, Connor, and Trisa (Tia was working and Jake and Dan were at school)

I added this picture because it's kind of funny how hard it is to get a picture where
Derek isn't talking.  I had more of these than the ones where he was just smiling.
Me and Connor and Derek
Grandpa F., Connor, Grandma F.
My parents drove from St. George for the graduation and then drove
home the same day.  They are very supportive grandparents and they love Connor.
Grandpa C., Connor, Grandma C.
Naturally his Christensen grandparents love him just as much and they came too.  They don't live very far from us though, so hours of traveling wasn't necessary this time.
Connor the High School Graduate
Connor is a great.  Even though I've tried to tell him, he never does seem to realize how talented and smart he is.  He's naturally athletic, artistic, musical, and a good writer too!  He has a great sense of humor, has awesome moves (which I only get to see if he doesn't know I am looking) and is a favorite with his sisters.  His brothers are pretty fond of him too.  Jake and Connor have some great ping pong matches, and Dan is pretty sure there is no better artist than Connor.  I am sure he will be great at whatever he puts his mind to doing.  Derek and I are happy to have such a good son!


Mike said...

Congrats to Conner and good luck in the future. The one piece of advice that I have given my kids is I don,t care if you pump gas or build rockets for a living,do the very best that you can do and take a little pride in your work.That,s something that is missing in today,s society.Nobody cares about their job or for their fellow man.Nice pictures Cuz,I like the way you captured the Mountains in the bsckground.Y,all take care,Love ya always.

Mike said...

Oh by the way Cuz I get this colostomy reversed June 13th.I,m so excited I can get in a swimming pool again.Woooooooooooo!