Friday, September 16, 2016

Remembering I Can Hear

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I went through a period of time fairly recently where, when problems arose, or difficult challenges came to me, or a member of my family, the thought would come that I should pray.  Unfortunately, the next thought was that I would not hear the answer.  I justified my doubt by saying that I knew Heavenly Father would answer, I just didn't believe that I would hear the answer.  When this happened I would tell myself that this was not the voice I should be listening to, but I would find myself putting off those specific prayers.

Finally I realized that I needed to trust that not only would Heavenly Father answer, but that He would help me to receive the answer.  I started praying for that trust, and praying for the guidance that I felt I so desperately needed.  Whenever I would start to feel panicky about a problem, I would pray for trust and calm.  God is faithful, and as I went through the days I started to notice that He did answer me -- a little here, and a little there.  I received inspiration, ideas, and more faith that God is near, and I do not have to deal with hard things on my own.

The answers have never been the whole solution to the problem all outlined for me, but they have always helped me to move in the right direction, and to hope and believe that eventually each problem will be solved, and each challenge conquered.  I still have moments of panic, but I am getting better at remembering to pray for trust, and to move ahead with faith that I will be able to receive those answers when I need to.

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Mike said...

You know Cuz we,ve heard these very things all of our lives and after we get older we finally understand a little more each day what Jesus has taught us.I find it funny and interesting that I read a Bible passage and I get nothing from it till something happens and those very verses pop in my brain.I know there are days I don,t feel like talking to GOD.I guess I lose a little faith till I have a little talk with Jesus and end up having a great day.No matter how bad things may get I know I,m not alone.Hang in there Cuz ,love ya.