Monday, March 31, 2008

Dealing with Stress

Yesterday was a good day. This being said, I did manage to burn a grilled cheese sandwich to the point that smoke was billowing in the air. While scrubbing the pan I then discovered that there was not just one leak under the sink -- but two. Now, even though it was almost noon, I still had on my Superman pajamas and had a hairdo that my kids were not hesitant to point out was "funny". It resembled a mohawk in some ways. Just as I had the water turned off so the sink wouldn't work, and grilled cheese sandwich number two in the pan, the doorbell rang. This I knew would be for me and so I ran to get a hat while yelling for Tia to watch the grilled cheese. My oldest daughter had just been woken up and was told by Jake "oh, and something is burning" when she heard me yell. She ran up to help but found not fire, just smoke, and me chuckling over the bewildered boy waiting for me at the door. All in all, this could have been very stressful but it seemed rather hilarious instead.

One of my favorite people asked on her blog what some of the things are that cause you to feel stressed. I never answered, not because I never get stressed out, but because I couldn't narrow it down. The things that bother me vary greatly according to how I am feeling that day and how much sleep I have had. Some days, all it takes is a frown, or someone saying "Mom" for the hundredth time in five minutes to stress me out. Other days, these things can be handled and it takes more of a scary illness, or defiant child to send me over the edge. So what I want to know is not so much what stresses you out, but what your most effective ways for dealing with stress are.

For me, humor can help -- if I have any left that day. Talking to a friend, or writing down my concerns can help make life seem manageable again. When I am feeling more stress than these things can fix I turn to the calming power of hymns, the wisdom of the scriptures, and the comfort of prayer. This happens sometime after I have hidden in my room and tried to plug my ears so as not to hear any negative noises through the door. Bathroom fans are a great invention.

What works for you?


cold cocoa said...

Sherie, you're so kind to call me one of your favorite people. That is, if you were referring to me. But way to take this topic to the next level.

Preventing stress: sleep, shower, exercise and adult conversation most days of the week

Chanting "I can do this" over and over and other meditation techniques should help as well. I remember as a stressed teenager I listened to a tape of a red balloon or some weird thing while I closed my eyes....

and Brandon told me to be "mellow as milk" and it has stuck with me all these years.

Megz said...

I release any immediate tension by screaming in the highest pitch possible and doing a quick jig. If the windows are open, however, I just lock myself in my room until the pounding on the door drives me back out. Or I just convince myself to hold on however many more hours until bedtime when I can reward myself with a grownup treat. Nice new pix, btw.

LC said...

I have to have a quiet time every day (SIESTA--I love this about the Latin culture) when I can "recharge my batteries". This is usually after lunch when I'm feeling pretty energy-less. The girls can either watch a movie or play outside or read quietly. I use the hour or so to put my feet up and read scriptures or other. Sometimes I doze off. But, after I always feel better--like I can go on with the day without losing it.
I also believe in what Erin said about SLEEP and EXERCISE and ADULT conversation. Those are huge helps.

Diana said...

i agree with cold cocoa. PREVENTION is key. i think handling a new baby went better this time around because i would read conference talks while i ate breakfast (actually sitting down to eat is probably a good thing too) . . .but a little jig (?!) should do nicely in a pinch. thanks megz, i'll have to try that.