Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boys Week

My girls are at girls camp this week and so it has been me and all of my boys. What's different? Lots fewer babysitters. No sympathetic hugs from my girls when I'm tired. No funny stories from Tia. More burping. Boys all in one room at night. Nice Connor getting up super early with Dan -- which allows his mom and dad to sleep. Some fun adventures.

Monday started with a bang with Dan whining all day long until his Mother (okay so that's me) was tired and not very cheerful. Home evening was a bit on the pathetic side. Dan went to bed really late and so did Derek and I. Sigh.

Tuesday is much better. Aunt Mandy and her two beautiful little girls agree to go with us to the zoo. Eventually -- after Annie and Dan have napped -- we arrive at the zoo to find a place to eat our picnic. I skip the obvious tables and we end up eating in the shade on benches after viewing several animals. I think it was the hottest day of the week but we hopped from shade to shade to view the animals and had a good time.

We saw the elephants -- even the pregnant one. Her baby will be about 200 pounds when she/he is born but we couldn't really see any signs of movement other than the mama elephants breathing. "Goggy!" says Dan. "Woof woof".

We saw tigers "meow" says Dan (hey it's close). We see giraffes. "Meow" says Dan. When I say no he probably tried "oo oo aa aa". He was confident that everything at the zoo either sounded like a monkey, a dog (goggy) or a cat.

We even went to the snake house and saw a sloth, an iguana and a diamond back rattle snake. Dan watched the snake calmly until it moved and then he looked rather scared. It was right at his eye level. He was pretty much done with the snake house. Tuesday was good. It made up for Monday.

Wednesday was hang laundry on the line day. The washer is hooked back up but we need another part to hook up the dryer. Our towels are now "invigorating" if anyone wants to borrow some. We also picked up the new stove which is safely in the back of the truck still. It tipped over in the truck on the way home -- against the taile gate. "Scary!" said, Connor and I. "Cool" said Jake. It went straight again when I stopped to fix it. "Yikes" said I. "Scary" said Connor. "Awesome!" said Jake.

We stopped for a snack too before getting the washer. We walked through Sears to get to the food court. "This doesn't look like a good place to get snacks" says Connor. "Growl" said I (sort of). I should have seen the humor in it and offered him a tasty tool. I told him to trust me and he wisely stopped whining about my choice of a place to get snack. He liked his ice cream cone just fine and Dan liked his hot fries though I think he might have burned his tongue.

Today they were hoping I had really fun plans for them. They're watching "Scooby" and playing with friends. It will have to do.


LC said...

Your zoo description was just like a trip down memory lane from last week. I didn't know the elephant was pregnant. The girls favorite was the roaming peacock. Did you ever as a kid just want to pluck one of those fance feathers? Maybe it was just me and good thing I never got the chance.
Hope you had a good week with the boys.

Sher said...

Laura, I was always terrified of the peacocks. I was sure they were going to come and eat me. I'm not sure why.

T said...

you're amazing to do so much after such a crazy week - I'm pretty sure I'd be curling up in a ball and ordering pizza... twice :) Hmmm... that's shockingly close to what I did today - only I made french bread pizza and rented a chick flick (Quinn's camping with Weston)

cold cocoa said...

I thought I had already commented! Anyway, sad I wasn't invited to the zoo but I don't think I would have dared do it anyway. I was just thinking about it. And that long upward hill in the 100 degrees....whew...good for you guys though!

Sher said...

We're going to the zoo again later in July so you'll be welcome then!