Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Something pretty and TAG you're it!

1. What is your favorite day of the week? I don't currently have a set favorite -- though I still try for it to be Sunday. If I can not be too tired or feel too sorry for myself because Der's gone all day, then it usually works out.
2. What is your favorite candybar? Umm. Maybe Butterfingers still but I don't eat candybars enough to know.
3. What is your favorite restaurant? I'd have to say the Cracker Barrel
4. Favorite fast food? The Big Mac -- but in general I like Wendy's better.
5. What city in UT would you most like to live? Where I am is great -- where we plan on going should be too.
6. Would you rather get flowers or a pint of ice cream from your hubby? Flowers -- the cut variety. I accidentally kill the real ones.
.7. Would you rather be an anchorwoman or an owner of a small shop? A small shop -- probably a book shop or a music shop -- or both.
8. Magazine editor or prosecution lawyer in the big city? Magazine Editor -- not in the big city.
9. Favorite household chore? Vacuuming
10. Least favorite? Perhaps it would be cleaning the bathroom floor after the boys have been there -- or cleaning the tub which I find discouraging.
11. Favorite cereal? Walmart brand Bran Flakes -- no kidding.
12. Favorite season? Fall
13. What is your favorite active activity? Riding my bike or playing indoor soccer or maybe even basketball if it's a good day and I'm not playing against anyone who's really, really good -- I like to have a chance of winning.
14. Favorite leisure activity? Reading
15. Do you take vitamins? Sporadically
16. How many traffic tickets? None
17. What does your retirement bring? I don't think Mom's retire but we're planning a mission.
18. What talent do you want to have? Singing. I work hard at not coveting voices -- I just appreciate them.
19. Favorite dessert? Ginger cookies (today)
20. Favorite food? Butter rolls or hot homemade bread, butter and honey.
Now, the idea is that you cut and paste this into your blog and answer it so that your readers can do the same. I was tagged and now you have been. Feel free to add your own questions!
PS. If you don't have your own blog please just answer a couple of your favorite q's for me. Thanks!


Megz said...

I can't hear ginger cookies without thinking of you. Do you even make another kind?? It's nice to have a speciality.
I don't mind vacuuming either. Very mindless chore requiring no wettage of hands.

cold cocoa said...

Glad you did my tag! I too think of you and Ginger cookies. You really need to work on your cereal, though. Can one really like Bran flakes?

T said...

hey - your ginger cookies happen to be my favorite too! and WalMart really does have the better bran flakes - kind of sweet and yummy... and reduced-guilt.

LC said...

How fun to learn a few things about you--No tickets?!

Sher said...

I have to say thanks to my faithful commenters -- it makes blogging much more fun. Yes, one can really like bran flakes the best since they taste good and I don't get a sugar buzz from eating them. No Laura, I don't have any tickets but I hit someone once which was traumatic (I was 16 and it was a toddler who was not hurt) and I got a warning once but it was the policeman's fault I did that stupid thing anyway -- I saw him and panicked.