Thursday, July 21, 2011

Compassionate Michelle

When I think of Michelle, I like to think of how compassionate she has been to me when I needed it.  There was a time, when my thyroid was off, that I would have days where I would hide in my house crying.  I tried to keep busy, and to shake off the depression, but sometimes I couldn't.  In desperation I would call Derek, who needed to work.  He would suggest that I call Michelle, or one of my other sisters-in-law.  It is hard to want to call anyone when you are afraid you might cry at them.  I hate to shatter the grand illusion that I am perfectly in control and happy all of the time!  Still, I would do as Derek suggested and call Michelle.  She was always very understanding, and I felt that she understood how I was feeling.  I always felt better, and like I could handle the day, after I talked to her.  She made me feel as if me calling her was a gift even though I felt like I was the one who benefited the most.  I am doing fine most of the time now, but Michelle still checks to see how I am.  I am not good at calling her very often, but when I do she always sounds happy to hear from me.  It is nice to feel loved.

Michelle is also gifted at writing.  I have received notes from her that I have loved.  She also writes a blog.  When I read the things she writes I can see her intelligence shining through.  Michelle is smart.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from BYU.  She was just trying to do her best, and was surprised when she received that distinction.

Michelle has been in the family for enough years to have 5 children.  Getting those children here took extreme courage, and faith.  I think many people would have been done after having one pregnancy like hers, but she and Trent felt like there were more children for them and Michelle was willing to be incredibly sick for 9 months at a time to get them.  Michelle loves her children and enjoys the good things that they do.

Michelle is a wonderful person.  She is not perfect.  She occasionally says outrageous things.  But nobody is more aware of her imperfections than she is, and I think that is what helps her to be able to be compassionate to others when she sees their need.  Michelle is fun.  She has a contagious laugh.  She has a beautiful voice.  She likes making things (like jewelry), and she enjoys cooking.  Because Michelle has been compassionate, and helped me find my smile again on days that it was lost, and because I love her, I hope that today she will have lots to laugh and smile about.  Happy Birthday Michelle!


cold cocoa said...

Those things are all true. Well said Sherie. Happy Birthday Michelle! I hope anyone sad knows they can call me too. You can talk to me, or any of my kids would love a chat too.

LC said...

Amazing Sherie! You really know how to express these things beautifully.
I feel like I got to know and love Michelle even more.

stephanie said...

I love your sister in law birthday posts. They are so informative and so nice!

Megz said...

I second everything you said, Sher. Happy Birthday Michelle!

Michelle said...

Awww! Thanks ladies. I feel so loved, talked, thought about. It's great!