Saturday, February 16, 2013

Judging By Appearances

Dave, Megan, and Shannon
Megan is the baby they were carrying in to church in the story below.
When Derek and I first moved to Payson, I can remember thinking that it would be really nice to have a friend.  Derek is a great friend, but he has to go to work all day, and can't talk to me anytime I want.  One of the first weeks we attended church we sat towards the back of the chapel.  I watched my neighbors walk in. They were a beautiful family, with two children plus a new baby.  The Mom was wearing a pretty dress, had her hair was done really nice, and her makeup looked perfect, and I thought "I would never have anything in common with her!"  I've had beautiful friends before, so I'm not sure why that thought popped up.  Thankfully, we were both called to work in Primary on the music, and we quickly became friends. 

It is too easy to look at how someone is different from us in appearance and, in a stroke of foolishness, decide that because they are pretty, or ugly, or tall, or short, or in a wheelchair, or any number of other things, we probably wouldn't have anything in common with them -- and so we fail to really find out.  When we do this, we might be missing getting to know someone who would have really blessed our lives.

The friend that I foolishly thought I would have nothing in common with is my good friend Shannon.  She has saved the day for me on so many occasions that I can't even count them.  She has been fun, and kind, and compassionate.  We have a lot in common.  I shudder to think of all that I would have missed had I been allowed to follow my first thought.  Heavenly Father does not judge by appearances, but by what is in the heart, and I do not know of a more kind way that He could have reminded me that I should do the same.


morley's said...

You are so awesome! Not just because you said nice things about me, I am so impressed with your inheritance project and you are just amazing to me!

I'm so glad that we were put into the primary years ago... who would have thought that would have started such a special friendship.

I don't find that I have this type of friendship with anybody else - I've served in many callings with many wonderful sisters and yet that friendship seems to end with the calling - it shouldn't be the case, but it has.

I'm ever grateful for our continued friendship - it takes time and effort and I appreciate the time and effort you make to keep us together. I love you! Thank you for the wonderful blog on judging by appearances - too often I get caught up in that!

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

I have the same trouble with cool people. My confidence takes a hit whenever sombody cool moves into the ward. "Just another person that will think ill of me because I'm not good enough for them." How sad that I am usually right. You've made me realize I need to let it go and be their friend even if they do not want to be mine. Jesus said, "love everyone, treat them kindly, too." He didn't say, "Love only those who think you are awesome, and treat the others as if they don't exsist." Thanks for the reminder.